Shamanic Wand Ammonite Pure Quartz

Shamanic Wand Ammonite Pure Quartz


This is the wand which an Ammonite and Picture Jasper stone fitted with Fimo clay on to the Antler (horn). The top of the wand is a Pure Quartz point. Feathers are fastened with antique gold wires and chains. Ammonite and Picture Jasper will support crystal energy. This is an Original Shamanic handmade wand of T-Stones. Although it is worth as a display wand, when using it as a healing wand, we recommend that you clean up and charge energy properly. The wand is a tool to expand energy. Enlarged energy is radiated from the tip of the wand. Please use it for healing, field purification, aura protection etc.


There is energy to create harmony for everything and to strengthen them integrally. It will guide you to demonstrate more powerful power. We will revitalize our mind and body, awakens potential, awakens, blooms. Enhances intuition and imagination. This stone can increase the power of Claireboans (perspective). Images of the past and the future may be floated by fluoroscopy. The crystal has the message of ancient people, it gives its wisdom and benefits, and it is said to encourage evolution. It is a stone with a remarkable purification effect, it cleans up the negative energy and wave that other stones absorbed and returns it to a clean state. It cleanses everything, purifies it, and changes the flow to a better direction. Because there is power of amplification, it will make the owner's ability and power more up. We will clarify our goals and support the realization of our dreams.


Ammonite is a feng shui item that became more popular than Chinese Feng da sensei recommended. Its beautiful logarithmic spiral structure (swirl) is believed to involve gold into herself and is said to be the best fortune to accumulate treasure. Ammonite as a jewel is said to be "a stone of success and good fortune with shining colours of seven colours". It is said to include all colours that symbolize natural elements (fire, earth, gold, water, trees) called "five rows". "Qi", that is, improving the flow of energy and encouraging spiritual growth. Have a very strong wave, enhancing intuition. At the time of meditation, it becomes easier to connect with high-level existence, and it becomes possible to become a vision. Because strong energy is radiated from the tip of the wand, please be careful not to touch directly.

-Crystal point 45mmx14mmx14mm

-Ammonite 33mm x 33mm

-Picture Jasper 3mm x 20mm


☆ Size

Total length: 210mmx50mmx35mm

Weight: 98g







全てに対しての調和を生み出し、それらを統合強化するというエネルギーがあります。そしてより一層強力なパワーを発揮させるように導いてくれます。心身の活性化をはかり、潜在能力を呼び覚まし、目覚めさせ、開花させます。直感力や想像力を強化します。クレアボヤンス(透視力)の力を高めると言われています。水晶透視により過去や未来の映像が浮かぶことがあります。水晶には古代の人々のメッセージが秘められており、その知恵や恩恵を与え、進化を促すとされています。 素晴らしい浄化作用を持つ石で、他の石が吸収したマイナスのエネルギーや波動を浄化してクリーンな状態に戻してくれます。全てを清め、浄化し、より良い方向へと流れを変えてくれます。増幅のパワーもあるので、持ち主の能力やパワーをよりアップさせてくれます。目標を明確にして、夢の実現をサポートしてくれます。


アンモナイトは中国の風水大師の推薦より大人気となった風水アイテムです。その美しい対数螺旋構造(渦巻き)が金を自分のほうに巻き込んでくると信じられ、財宝を貯める最高の幸運物と言われています。宝石としてのアンモライトは、「七色の輝きを持つ、成功と幸運の石」だといわれています。「五行」と呼ばれる、自然の構成要素、(火、土、金、水、木)を象徴するすべての色を含むとされているのです。 「気」すなわちエネルギーの流れを改善させ、霊的な成長を促します。非常に強い波動を持ち、直観力を高めます。瞑想時に高次の存在と繋がりやすくなったり、ビジョン化できるようになれます。


-水晶 ポイント 45mmx14mmx14mm
-アンモナイト 33mmx33mm

-ピクチャージャスパー 3mmx20mm



全長: 210mmx50mmx35mm

重さ: 98g

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