Pure Quartz Jasper Pheasant Smudging Fan Wand

Pure Quartz Jasper Pheasant Smudging Fan Wand


This is a smudging fan wand with pheasant feathers and Clear Quartz, Picture Jasper. Clear Quartz is fixed to the point at the top, another tumbled picture jasper is set with Fimo clay and decorated with pheasant feathers. This is an original handmade wand by T-Stones. It is used as a Shamanic wand as it has antler horn to it. Although it would be worth keeping as a display wand, it can be used as a healing wand though we recommend that you clean it thoroughly and properly charge it with energy. The wand is a tool to expand energy. Enlarged energy is radiated from the tip of the wand. Please use it for healing, field purification, aura protection etc. A smudging fan is a tool to remove negative energy and purify the energy of places and spaces. The smoke of the white sage can be used with a smudging wand to clean and to make the energy clearer.


There is energy to create harmony for everything and to strengthen them integrally. It will guide you to demonstrate more powerful power. We will revitalize our mind and body, awakens potential, awakens, blooms. Enhances intuition and imagination. This stone can increase the power of Claireboans (perspective). Images of the past and the future may be floated by fluoroscopy. The crystal has the message of ancient people, it gives its wisdom and benefits, and it is said to encourage evolution. It is a stone with a remarkable purification effect, it cleans up the negative energy and wave that other stones absorbed and returns it to a clean state. It cleanses everything, purifies it, and changes the flow to a better direction. Because there is the power of amplification, it will make the owner's ability and power more up. We will clarify our goals and support the realization of our dreams.

-Clear Quartz point 50mmx15mmx15mm

-Picture Jasper Tumble 23mmx12mmx6mm

-Feather of Pheasant


☆ Size

Total length: 350mmx210mmx30mm

Weight: 88g



<スマッジング ファンとは>

<水晶 エネルギー>


-水晶 ポイント 50mmx15mmx15mm
-ピクチャージャスパー タンブル 23mmx12mmx6mm



全長: 330mmx140mmx30mm

重さ: 88g

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