Larimar Ring (sterling silver)

Larimar Ring (sterling silver)


We set 6mm Larimar cabochon to the sterling silver ring base. Larimer is said to be a stone that symbolizes "love and peace." It is a stone that helps calm down negative emotions such as anger hidden behind the heart and release it from the bondage of its own wrong idea.

<Larimar energy>

Gives the owner a broad heart and deep affection, kindness and compassion. It balances emotions, provides peace and relieves stress, and gives them the courage to move forward without being pessimistic. Nurture love, and encourage them to be able to accept themselves and others widely. In addition, you will build reliable friendships and interpersonal relationships, and you will be able to spend a fulfilling day. Because it is a stone that is strong against "change", it is also a suitable stone when jumping into a new environment such as changing jobs or moving. It relieves the fear of the owner and brings good luck.

When this stone is discovered, the movement for environmental protection has risen internationally, so it is also said to be a symbol of "peace, harmony, coexistence with nature." It stimulates curiosity and brings youth and joy of life. It is good for anyone involved in art or creative work as it enhances creativity. Larimar is one of the three largest healing stones in the world, along with Sugilite and Charoite. Calm down negative feelings such as anxiety, anger, evil spirit, jealousy and sorrowful thoughts inside of the mind, correct wrong way of thinking, maintain mind-body balance and lead in a better direction. It frees you from sadness, releases trauma and painful curbs, and reminds you of the joy of being free. It will calm down tensions and anger, balance the spirit, wash away the lumps, and heal deep wounds.

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-Larimer (6 mm)


☆ Size H 13 mm x W 15 m Free size (adjustable)

Weight: 15g


<ラリマー エネルギー>




-ラリマー (6mm)



H 13mmxW15m

重さ: 15g

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