Rose Quartz Silver Leaf Ring

Rose Quartz Silver Leaf Ring


This is a rose quartz cabochon Ring with a silver-coated leaf patterned base. Rose Quartz is also referred to as "the stone of Aphrodite, a goddess of love and beauty", and it is said that this name was given by a rose (Rose) dedicated to Aphrodite. There is also a legend that the breath of the goddess of love has turned into a pink crystal, so it is famous quartz as a symbol of love. It is also known as "love stone".

<Rose Quartz Energy>

It symbolizes kindness, kindness and sociability, wraps the owner in a soft wave, and stabilizes emotions. It is a stone that symbolizes unconditional love and endless peace. Heal yourself, hurting himself, such as regretting what he did in the past and lamenting his inability. By loving and forging yourself, you will be able to share and accept love for others. By teaching the essence of love and purifying and opening the heart, it brings inner healing and love. And it raises confidence a

Pink is also said to be the colour of rejuvenation and is said to have the effect of keeping fresh youth and health. It enhances the sense of beauty, enhances the attractiveness as a woman, and makes it attractive. Rose quartz is said to be effective for beauty and anti-ageing, such as activating female hormones, reducing skin beauty, firmness and wrinkles, and keeping fresh youth. "Stone that brings love and healing". Enhance femininity and shine the inner beauty. It is a stone that shows great effects on love, attracts new encounters, deepens bonds with loved ones, and develops marriage. It is said that bringing in the power of bringing up love and bringing it with each other attracts each other and deepens their relationship. In addition, healed the broken heart and comfort deep sadness. As we open heart chakra and let you go to new love, we recommend that you put on the chest as a pendant. In addition, it seems to attract love and good human relations when placed in the corner that symbolizes the human relations in the side of the bed or in the house.

Remove negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, forgive and compassion for yourself, and nurture love towards the inside. It enriches the humanity of the owner, soothes unconscious feelings of self-negation, and resolves unexplained trauma. Gradually remove negative energy and replace it with a loving atmosphere. Empower empathy and sensitivity and accept the necessary changes.

-Rose quartz 8 mm


☆ Size

H 15 mm x W 18 mm

Free size (adjustable)

Weight: 12g


<ローズクォーツ エネルギー>





-ローズクォーツ 8mm



H 15mmxW18mm

重さ: 12g

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