Onyx Goldleaf Ring

Onyx Goldleaf Ring


This is an Onyx Cabochon Ring with a gold-coated leaf pattern base. Onyx has been described as "the stone that protects itself from evil spirits" and "the stone of disaster prevention" in ancient India and Persia. It is a stone that protects itself from evil thoughts and dangers.

-Onyx energy

It is a good stone to break a bad relationship. It is best to wear Onyx for self-defence and as a talisman to avoid annoying relationships. It will eliminate negative feelings and give you the courage to move forward. You will strengthen your intentions, and you will be able to move things at your own pace, without being swayed by the opinions of others. It also fosters patience. It prevents difficult situations, confusion and protects you from mental and physical stress. It is said to suppress feelings of height and control emotions. It brings self-control and helps reduce fear and anxiety.

-Onix 8mm


☆ Size

H 15 mm x W 18mm

Free size (adjustable)

Weight: 12g


<オニクス エネルギー>

うんざりするような関係を断ち切りたいときなどに使用することが出来ます。また、一方では、首のまわりに着けたオニクスは、欲望を鎮めて貞操を守らせる、とも言われています。 オニクスは、自己防衛の為に身につけ、また煩わしい関係を避けるためお守りとして持つのが良いでしょう。身体の左側に着けると、より効果を発揮します。



-オニクス 8mm



H 15mmxW18mm

重さ: 12g

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