Blue lace Agate Ring

Blue lace Agate Ring


This is a Blue lace Agate ring. We set 10x8mm Blue lace Agate cabochon to the taring silver base.

Blue lace is a wonderful healing stone with peace energy, high healing power. It pours energy directly into the owner's soul and has a calm and peaceful feeling.

<Blue lace Agate energy>

It unleashes the confusion of the heart and quiets the emotions that have grown up. It is said to be longevity, wealth, and health stone. It calms down negative emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, and impatience, heals trauma, relieves heart disorder, helps to control emotions and helps to become positive thoughts.

This stone can cover the owner with a soft aura, the human relationship gets better, we are blessed with many wonderful friends, enriched friendships. Even when trouble occurs in relationship with a friend, it will solve misunderstandings and help us deepen the bond of trust even more.

It is believed to have the ability to avoid dangers and protects from dangers and unexpected attacks while traveling. Also, it is said that better family relationships are good for pregnancy.

- Blue lace agate (10 × 8 mm)


☆ size

H 12 mm x W 10 mm

Free size (adjustable)

Weight: 12g

ブルーレースアゲート リング



<ブルーレースアゲート エネルギー>




-ブルーレースアゲート (10X8mm)



H 12mmxW10mm

重さ: 12g

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