Blue Chalcedony Gold Leaf Ring

Blue Chalcedony Gold Leaf Ring


This is a Blue chalcedony cabochon with a gold-coated leaf pattern base. Chalcedony is a mineral that forms in various rocks and lava cavities. It is generally considered that a solution containing silicic acid can be precipitated.

Blue Chalcedony Energy

Chalcedony stabilizes the mind, enhances judgment, concentration, and promotes calmness and spiritual growth. You will feel calm and peaceful, and you will be able to interact with others in a gentle manner. It relieves fear and melancholy and brings joy to life and richness of loving people. Bringing the heart and generosity of mercy, turning melancholy into joy. Get rid of negative thoughts, emotions and nightmares. It is a wonderful stone that stimulates creativity. Relieve mental tension and improve communication skills. It is good for stress and balances the mind, body, emotions and calmness.

-Blue Chalcedony 8mm


☆ Size

H 15 mm x W 18 mm

Free size (adjustable)

Weight: 12g


<ブルーカルセドニー エネルギー>



創造力を刺激する素晴らしい石です。精神的な緊張を解きほぐし、コミュニケーション能力を向上させるので、人間関係を良好にしてくれます。様々なプレッシャーやストレスにも良いとされています。 精神、肉体、情緒、冷静を調和させます。

-ブルーカルセドニー 8mm



H 15mmxW18mm

重さ: 12g

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