Amethyst Silver Leaf Ring

Amethyst Silver Leaf Ring


This is an Amethyst's cabochon Ring with a silver-coated leaf patterned base. Amethyst is a purple-colored crystal whose color is attributed to its small amount of iron ions. It becomes pale when heated and turns green when heated. Purple is considered to be a colour that indicates religious and spiritual authority and has been used by many people. In ancient Egypt, it was embellished as a decoration or amulet on the chest of the Jewish priests, and in the Christian world, it was used as a "bishop's stone" in rings and so on.

< Amethyst energy >

Amethyst makes you feel calm and calm. It is said to be a fair stone for all, protecting against robbers and thieves and keeping away from violence and danger.

Amethyst, also known as “love fulfilment stone, love guardian stone,” protects true love and fosters strength, deepening bonds with lovers, family and friends. It works to enhance inspiration and intuition, enables advanced channelling and telepathy, and strengthens the guardian spirits to protect themselves from evil spirits. You will be given a strong mind and calm judgment that will not flow around. People who feel strongly like anxiety, fear, or anxiety should have this stone as a talisman. It will bring about the stability of the mind and the mind. Purple is also an artistic colour, so it should be good for those who admire the art. Nourish concentration, cultivate superior creativity and expressive power.

-Amethyst 8mm


☆ Size

H 15 mm x W 18 mm

Free size (adjustable)

Weight: 12g

アメジストは、紫色をおびた水晶で、その色は微量の鉄イオンが含まれているためとされています。加熱すると淡色となり、光熱で緑色に変色します。 紫色は宗教的、霊的権威を示す色とされ、多くの人々に愛用されてきました。古代エジプトでは、装飾品や護符としてユダヤ祭司の胸当てに飾られたり、キリスト教世界では「司教の石」として指輪などで使用されました。

<アメジスト エネルギー>



-アメジスト 8mm



H 15mmxW18mm

重さ: 12g

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