Septarian Egg 95mmx60mm

Septarian Egg 95mmx60mm


This is a very large Septarian egg. A high-quality Septarian with perfect lustre and colour balance. The combination of calcite, aragonite, and chalcedony characteristics is said to promote the protection of the global environment.

<Septarian energy>

This stone that symbolizes pleasure, which combines the characteristics of calcite that purify and amplify energy, the characteristics of aragonite with the power to heal the earth and the ability to grow the earth, and the characteristics of chalcedony to grow and stabilize, has always been warm. It helps me to realize my ideas. Repeat the importance of patience, tolerance and patience. Even if you have an idea but it is difficult to put it into action, it fosters creativity and encourages forward.

It is a stone that will help you when you have to talk to a lot of people. If you keep this stone close to you, it will be fun to talk in front of you, and the audience will feel as if you are talking directly. In addition, it enhances communication skills within the group. It calms anger and anxiety and releases negative energy. As it develops emotions and brings peace, it helps to grow oneself and help others. The best stone for NLP (neural language programming), helping to repattern and reprogram and teach practitioners the most appropriate tools. At the spiritual level, it harmonizes emotions and intelligence with the higher spirits. While giving deep healing to the owner, it brings a lot of awareness and deepens the connection with high-dimensional existence and consciousness. When healers meditate with this stone, they are said to be able to find out the cause of the patient's upset.


☆ Size

Total length: 95mm x 60mm 60mm

Weight: 554g


<セプタリアン エネルギー>







全長: 95mmx60mm60mm

重さ: 554g

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