Labradorite Egg 60mmx42mm

Labradorite Egg 60mmx42mm


This is a labradorite egg with beautiful blue light of the labrlabradessense effect. Labradorite is 'flinching stone' and enhances imagination, intuition, inspiration, awakens awareness and memory at the soul level, draws out potential and blooms talent.

<Labradorite energy>

The light emitted by this mineral is said to be information emitted only by people with this labradorite from other planets in the galaxy. It is manifested and recognized through intuition and insight. It is said to be a stone that conveys the wisdom of the universe and the future. This stone, which symbolizes the moon and the sun, nurtures the ability to perform and guides you to penetrate your convictions. It absorbs negative emotions, keeps you calm and helps you to express yourself honestly. It gives harmony, warmth, healing and restores mind and body. It unleashes established ideas, fosters patience and perseveres convictions

It has a strong protective effect and is also known as the "Ama's Stone", which is also effective against evils. At the turning point of life, when major changes are made, it promotes the change of consciousness. It is also said that it attracts jobs and environments that suit the owner, personal connections, and helps in changing jobs, finding jobs, and so on. It will increase the probability of meeting people who have the same values ​​as you.


☆ Size

Total length: 60mm x 42mm 42mm

Weight: 148g


<ラブラドライト エネルギー>



保護作用も強く、邪気払いにも効果のある「魔除けの石」としても有名です。 人生の転機、大きな変化を迎えた時、意識の変革を促してくれます。持ち主に合った仕事や環境、人脈を引き寄せるとも言われ、転職、就職、などの際に助けとなります。自分と同じ価値観を持っている人と出会う確率を高めてくれるそうです。



全長: 60mmx42mm42mm

重さ: 148g

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