Master Shamanite

Master Shamanite


This is a Shamanite tumbled stone. We partially enclosed it with antique gold wire.

Shamanite was discovered in the USA, in the state of Colorado, in 2005. This legendary, stone which North American Native Americans called a sacred stone, was discovered again in the Rocky Mountains. Various trace elements such as carbon and calcite are within the stone. Fine coloured particles are said to be fossils of living things from about 540 million years ago. It has black and mud coloured shades leading to this stone also being called "black calcite".

-Shamanite energy

Shamanite is a stone that clarifies the meaning that was born in this world and the essence of things. It is said that the stone contains fossils, from hundreds of millions of years ago, which have come to tell the message from ancient times to the present age. We will explain the importance of ancestor connection to descendants, soul inherited from ancient times, revitalization of rings.

Shamanite is a sacred stone that Native Americans have used as amulets since ancient times. It has mysterious power and high energy and has been loved by many healers. It absorbs negative energy and heals the wounds of the heart. It is a shamanic stone, and Shamanite was named after a shaman. Shamanite stores the power of unknown, and it retains great power as a defensive stone.

Shamanite is also called "stone of self-expression". It has a benefit of assisting to prevent being swept away by others, to maintain a core in oneself and will help to assert oneself without being deceived by that around. The stone will keep away the unnecessary temptations of one's surroundings, help you to keep true to oneself and assist in leading to make a calm decision without compromising co-operation.


☆ size

Total length: 50 mm x 28 mm x 15 mm (tumble 35 mm x 26 mm x 13 mm)

Weight: 23 g



シャーマナイトは、2005年アメリカの コロラド州で採掘されました。北米のネイティブアメリカンが聖なる石と称していた伝説の石が、再びロッキー山脈で発見されたと話題になりました。炭素、カルサイトなど様々な微量元素が含まれます。細かい色粒子は、約5億4千万年前の生物の化石ともいわれています。黒くマッドな色合いで、「ブラックカルサイト」とも呼ばれます。

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全長: 50mmx28mmx15mm ( タンブル 35mmx26mmx13mm)

重さ: 23g

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