Crop circle stone

Crop circle stone


This is a beautiful Crop Circle stone. We partially enclosed it with antique gold wire. Flint is a stone that has been used as an arrowhead since the stone age. Flint is a sacred stone from ancient times and has the function of purifying and stabilizing energy.

-Crop Circle Stone Energy

Crop Circle Stone is a natural flint stone found in UK crop circles. Crop Circle Stone emits a very powerful current. The sound that each one of the stones feels inside is carried and becomes the wave pattern of the crop circle itself. This stone can assist to connect our consciousness to the mysterious world, activate the inner ability, and point out the way we should live. It has the energy to hone the spirituality of the owner and connect it to the body, so it may be possible to contact with the extra-sensory world or existence. This stone helps while meditating to bring out an essential talent within you dramatically.

-Crop Circle Stone Tumble (30mm x 20mm 7mm)


☆ Size

Total length: 47 mm x 25 mm x 8 mm (30 mm x 20 mm 7 mm) cm

Weight: 18g




<クロップサークルストーン エネルギー>



-クロップサークルストーン タンブル (30mmx20mm7mm)



全長: 47mmx25mmx8mm(30mmx20mm7mm)cm

重さ: 18g

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