Angel Aura Quarts

Angel Aura Quarts


This is an Angel Aura Quartz tumbled stone with a beautiful rainbow colour. We partially enclosed it with gold wire.

Aura quartz is made by artificially depositing metal on quartz. Angel Aura Quartz is the type of aura quartz with platinum deposited on it.

<Angel Aura Quartz Energy>

Angel Aura Quartz is a beautiful rainbow coloured crystal that has very positive and powerful Metaphysical Properties. Angel Aura Crystals can be used for purifying and balancing the crown chakras, integrating the light body into the physical dimension and creating a deep state of meditative awareness, grounding the information received from the cosmic realm into the physical body. It is truly a magical crystal in metaphysical function as well as physical appearance.

Angel Aura Quartz will fill you with the pure magic of joy and optimism. As a high vibrational stone, Angel Aura Quartz is the perfect remedy to a spiritual slump. You can tune into its energy to feel your sense of love, for the world, others and life in general, rejuvenated.

It is a stone with an angel wave, and it also connects with the energy of a unicorn. Beautiful rainbow light has energy that angels like. This rainbow light is said to have the power to purify and clean any negative energy. It removes negative energy that you do not need, such as jealousy, hate, irritability.


☆ Size

Total length: 55 mm x 35 mm x 18 mm (37 mm x 30 mm x 16 mm)

Weight: 20g



<エンジェルオーラクォーツ エネルギー>





全長: 55mmx35mmx18mm (37mmx30mmx16mm)

重さ: 20g

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