Turquoise and Sodalite Bracelet

Turquoise and Sodalite Bracelet


This bracelet consists of 8mm Sodalite and 6mm 8mm Turquoise stones with silver leaf parts. A combination of stones that foster calm thinking and judgment, and overcome obstacles with courage and perseverance. This bracelet can help you achieve your aspirations.

-Sodalite energy

Sodalite develops calm thinking and judgment and guides you to take rational action. It refines your intuition and insight, relieves fear and confusion, and gives you the courage to move forward. Eliminate anxiety so that you can demonstrate your true strength during exams and interviews. Brings the will to seek truth and ideals and develops courage and perseverance. Increase self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust. Improves rational thinking, objectivity, truth, and intuitive understanding, and promotes emotional expression by words.

-Turquoise energy

Encourage courage and motivation and guide you to act positively to achieve your goals. It is a powerful stone that encourages your own growth so that you can overcome your various obstacles and achieve your aspirations. It has the energy to “avoid troubles”, “protect evil from danger,” “provide prosperity”. A protective and purifying stone that drives away negative energy. It also serves as a guardian stone for travel.

-Sodalite 8mm

-Turquoise 6mm 8mm


☆ size

Total length 16cm

Weight: 15g

However, a bracelet such as this can be customised for size or other feature; please do not hesitate to contact us regarding this.


<ソーダライト エネルギー>


<ターコイズ エネルギー>

勇気とやる気を与え、積極的に行動して自分の目標を実現することが出来るよう導きます。様々な障害を乗り越えて願望を達成出来るよう、自己の成長を促すパワーに溢れた石です。 「トラブルの回避」「邪悪な物、危険から身を守る」「繁栄を与える」エネルギーを持ちます。保護作用、浄化作用のある石で、ネガティブなエネルギーを追い払います。旅の守護石にもなります。


-ソーダライト 8mm
-ターコイズ 6mm 8mm



全長 16cm

重さ: 15g

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