Quartz and Frosty Quartz Bracelet

Quartz and Frosty Quartz Bracelet


This bracelet consists of 8mm Quartz and Frosty Quartz stones with silver arrow parts. A crystal that develops spiritual power and frosty quartz that improves spirituality. A bracelet that serves as a talisman to purify everything and enhance spirituality.

-Crystal energy

Since ancient times, it has been regarded as the stone where life lives. Crystals are used as amulets and have been used to treat diseases, tools of horoscopes and psychic development. Crystal cleanses and purifies everything and diverts the flow in a better direction. You will be able to get rid of disasters and bring out your potential.

-Frosty Quartz energy

It is said that it has the energy to get rid of anxiety in the whitish quartz like the mist on the crystal. Quartz is excellent in purifying power, enhances intuition, creativity and potential, and vitalizes vitality. Amplifying and supporting energy, it has long been regarded as an amulet for amulets. It is said that it has the power to raise spirituality and improve spirituality. Foster, your eyes to calmly identify things without being confused by the surroundings. They help people who overcome difficulties and work hard toward their dreams and goals and grow their owners.

-Crystal 8mm

-Frosty quartz 8mm


☆ size

Total length 16cm

Weight: 15g

However, a bracelet such as this can be customised for size or other feature; please do not hesitate to contact us regarding this.


<水晶 エネルギー>





-水晶 8mm
-フロスティクォーツ 8mm



全長 16cm

重さ: 15g

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