Onyx, Smoky, Obsidian and Spinel Bracelet

Onyx, Smoky, Obsidian and Spinel Bracelet


This bracelet consists of 8mm Smoky Quartz, Snowflake of Obsidian, Onyx and Spinel stones with silver wing parts. Combined with high protection stones. An amulet bracelet for overcoming difficult situations and leading to victory.

-Smoky Quartz energy

Effective in relieving stress, overcoming difficulties and realizing ideals. Helps human growth and develops mental strength. Promotes self-formation and self-independence, and draws out positive energy. Take away anxiety and doubts, raise your level of consciousness, and guide you toward your goals. It has been used for a long time as a “stone to drive away evil spirits”.

Snowflake of Obsidian energy

Obsidian is very effective at absorbing negative energy. Stabilize dissipated energy, maintain emotional balance, and lead to positiveness. Guide you to have hope in everything. Eliminate emotional blockages and trauma, bringing depth and clarity.

Onyx energy

This stone has a very high protective effect and serves as a talisman for self-defence. It develops patience, prevents difficult situations, disruptions, and protects you from mental and physical stress. It has been said for a long time that it is a stone that protects itself from evil spirits and a stone that protects against evil.

-Spinel energy

Spinel is a stone that revitalizes life energy, helps achieve life goals, supports self-fulfilment, and intensifies everyday life. Improve individuality, give strength and courage to beat anything, and invite victory.

-Smoky quartz 8mm

-Snowflake of Obsidian 8mm

-Onix 8mm

-Spinel 8mm


☆ size

Total length 16cm

Weight: 15g

However, a bracelet such as this can be customised for size or other feature; please do not hesitate to contact us regarding this.


<スモーキークォーツ エネルギー>


<スノーフレークオブオブシディアン エネルギー>


<オニクス エネルギー>


<スピネル エネルギー>



-スモーキークォーツ 8mm
-スノーフレークオブオブシディアン 8mm
-オニクス 8mm
-スピネル 8mm



全長 16cm

重さ: 15g

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