Moss agate, Smoky quartz and Hematite Bracelet

Moss agate, Smoky quartz and Hematite Bracelet


This bracelet consists of 8mm Moss agate, Smoky quartz and 6mm Hematite stones with silver parts. It is a bracelet for richness and prosperity that gives the courage to overcome difficulties.

-Moss Agate energy

Moss Agate contains the energy of the earth. Connect the earth and the owner to help the circulation of energy. It balances your mind and naturally returns excess energy and negative energy. Find your life goals and point your way to clear your mind and soul. It is a symbol of prosperity and prosperity, stimulating creativity and developing life. It is also said to give courage and to increase behaviour and imagination.

-Smoky Quartz energy

Effective in relieving stress, overcoming difficulties and realizing ideals. Helps human growth and develops mental strength. Promotes self-formation and self-independence, and draws out positive energy. Take away anxiety and doubts, raise your level of consciousness, and guide you toward your goals. It has been used for a long time as a “stone to drive away evil spirits”.

-Hematite energy

Hematite is a “stone that leads to victory” by helping mental power and vitality. It brings confidence and courage, overcomes difficulties and fulfils your wishes. Provides intuition, concentration, judgment, determination, and memory. Absorbs negative energy.

-Moss agate 8mm

-Smoky quartz 8mm

-Hematite 6mm


☆ size

Total length 16cm

Weight: 15g

However, a bracelet such as this can be customised for size or other feature; please do not hesitate to contact us regarding this.


<モスアゲート エネルギー>


<スモーキークォーツ エネルギー>


<ヘマタイト エネルギー>



-モスアゲート 8mm
-スモーキークォーツ 8mm
-ヘマタイト 6mm



全長 16cm

重さ: 15g

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