Dragon's Bracelet<Carving Quartz, Onyx, Hawks eye, Shungite, Spinel>

Dragon's Bracelet<Carving Quartz, Onyx, Hawks eye, Shungite, Spinel>


Parts of a dragon in gold are combined with beads consisting of 15 mm Crystal dragon carving; 12mm Larvikite; 12mm Onyx; 12mm Hawks eye; 10mm shungite and, 8 mm Spinel.

<Onyx energy>

Onyx is a stone of disaster prevention. Protect yourself from evil and danger. Eliminate negative feelings, strengthen your intentions, and cultivate patience. It prevents difficult situations, confusion and protects from mental and physical stress. It reduces fear and anxiety and brings self-control.

<Shungit energy>

Shungite is a very rare and valuable mineral that contains the only natural fullerene on earth. Fullerenes remove large amounts of free radicals (active oxygen) at one time, promoting cell activation and normalization. It absorbs harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation from personal computers and mobile phones to protect the body. Spinel has the powerful property of activating life energy. Helps achieve the goals of life, supports self-fulfilment, and provides a balance in everyday life.

We can alter the size of the bracelet to order.

-Crystal dragon carving 15mm

-Larvikite 12 mm

-Onix 12mm

-Hawkeye 12mm

-Shungite 10mm

-Spinel 8mm


☆ Size

Total length 19 cm

Weight: 45g


<オニクス エネルギー>


<シュンガイト エネルギー>


<スピネル エネルギー>


-水晶 龍の彫物 15mm
-ラルビカイト 12mm
-オニクス 12mm
-ホークスアイ 12mm
-シュンガイト 10mm
-スピネル 8mm



全長 19cm

重さ: 45g

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